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How to stop the kernel_task from fucking the CPU in your mac

*Special Note: Before you read and practice anything mentioned in this article, make sure that you understand the risk. Don’t fucking come back to blame me if anything goes wrong

So, from reading the title you probably understand by now that I am seriously pissed off by this fucking (and super annoying) problem which is not being taken care of by Apple. People are literally crying and ultimately pays real money to either get a new machine, get depressed, or simply just stop using their beloved Mac.

This process called kernel_task is eating up CPU and leaving no breathing space for your other apps. As a result, you get a slow and sluggish Mac which is hindering your productivity and you spend think why you became the victim of this fucking curse. Well, this is how I got rid of this problem on my old MacBook Pro, which I had purchased in 2009 and still using for my everyday works.

First of all, I spent a lot of time reading through the posts of the victims in Apple support forums, stack overflow and articles usually served to you by Google. The first hope I got was mentioned in an article written by Viktor Petersson (light was shed by Rhys Oxenham). He has written two separate articles to fix this problem; well, partially in Yosemite and in El Capitan. I said “partial” because his findings had solved my problem for some time, and then it came back. So here’s the link to his damn useful articles

  1. Disabling kernel extension in Yosemite
  2. Disabling kernel extension in El Capitan

Well, as I said, Viktor’s process had solved the issue for a few months. And then it started again. This fucking kernel_task was eating 70%-100% of the CPU. So I was digging into the other solutions provided by helpful people in different places. Then I found a solution suggested by David Schlachter. In his article, David showed us a way to stop this kernel_task from being a monster, just by disabling the ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext and X86PlatformPlugin.kext. Both of these kexts are part of IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext. So removing this IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext stopped the kernel_task from eating the CPU once and for all.

Here is the link to David Schlachter’s article on fixing kernel_task high CPU problem.

As David and others have said after following the instructions found in David’s article, the fan keeps running at full speed but I think, like others, I can live with that for now.

My mac is back to its normal life again and I am happy for that. By the way, I want to say again “Fuck you, Apple” for not taking care of this “Super Annoying” issue even after so many people are suffering for a long time!

Good night.