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Hi, I am Hasin Hayder. Open source enthusiast, social networking application developer, research and development specialist, idea generator, freelance consultant and author.

i’m currently working in leevio, my small start-up with some great guys on board.


  1. I visted ur site and read ur thoughts and bright thinking about programmaing and specially touching the sky(!,i alo it is possible but don’t know how to touch,pls mail me if u have much time).If u have time ,then u can visit my hall and my room.

    Sabuj Kumar kundu(The manchumahara)

  2. I have visited ur site. I am also a web developer, developed some sites. I am interested in PHP. I think from ur site i will get some good resource.

    Well congrats for ur great ideas what u developed & developig.


  3. Hi Hasin I have purchased your book, and I think it will be very useful to me, although I have used WordPress for some time now –

    I have been looking for specific information, but no luck: How do I acces my feed on my server – of all the folders WordPress makes on the hosts server, there is nothing whish looks like a feed, I can edit –

    This is my feed

    But where is it?

    Do you know how I can find more info about that?

    Does my Hosting company know?

  4. Hi, There are several files for feeds. U have these files there named wp-rss.php, wp-rss2.php, wp-rdf.php, wp-commentsrss2.php, wp-atom.php

    Are u looking for these?

    If not, can u be more specific?

  5. I thought so, but can I edit those feeds? In notepad?

    I I had burned a regular feed I could just edit it and upload it to the server again, but wordpress is much different, I think.

  6. Hi Hasin

    Sorry for my late reply – I guess I will take a chance then and edit the php-files – I´ll let you know how it works out – thank you and a happy new year 🙂

  7. Hasin–great book, and very useful. I was pleased to find your book was recently published and I hoped it would expand my horizons beyond VQG Word Press 2. My baby is my book, where I taught myself basic CSS, Flash, and some HTML, and the minimum amount of Java script to get my Flash to work as I liked. I pretty much have a stack of books. I have your book opoen before me now and thought I’d say hello after having a look at “ajaxian.” There are some awesome WP_themes and I had veered towards K2 and 3k2, deciding finally on eitheir a K2-Kubrik, K2, or simple text. I’m currently running Hemingway–because well, I’m a writer and I think the simplicity is beautiful… “off the wall”. My calender didn’t work, so I’m going to use your book and see if I can’t get it fixed.

    Same with a header image I want to float….if I get desperate, I may beg you for help. The best to you and your family (I too am a fan of Forrest Gump–I am from the Gulf Coast.)


    C.L. Lucas

  8. asak ,hasin i visit ur site and find it excellent u reached peak in open sources may allah give u more success ,as u recommend for php framework as CodeIgniter i have installed and seen its index page but i dont know how top code in it can u plz let me know in brief about its syntax and semantics .Thanku,god bless u.

  9. hi from indonesia,

    i’m working in hi-load portal for bout 1000k/day
    i’m using php and interesting bout your js in pageflakes… hope we can share each other

  10. Nice post.. bhaiya…

    Or else your fan’s (like me) have to ask too many questions.

    Like ……..

    Whts is your…… n term
    whts is your…….n term
    m whts is your………… n term

    So I think one will disturb now in asking your personal ……..!!

    Good ns tallent work… 😉


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  12. sir, i’m can’t understand ur site, i know many things are here but can’t find them, bit confusing.. plz help

  13. Genious does’t work different things they have done the same work in different ways………
    ………………… he he he ha ha……sumon

  14. Hi hasin hayder,

    I want to use this framework, can you give me its downlaodable link… so i can test this on my local system for rapid development.

    Secondly if you have any good step by step tuturial for that plz send also to me. I will be very thankful to you.

    warm regards & hava a nice day!

    Naseer Ahmad

  15. hi,
    Seeing ur profile i am dreaming abt myself… want to follow ur ways.
    I am a php developer from kolkata, have developed few sites so far. Now working on cake php…. Think you will help me as and when so required….


  16. hasin bhai… how r u? alexa ranking e aper site 141,371. fatafati 2ta post dia den 100000 moddhe chole asbe… he he he 🙂

  17. Just curious – which restaurant is that? Who took this nice picture and what food was in front of you. No harm to know history of every event and objects

  18. Hi bhaia, how are you? I’m sajib. I live in Dhaka and read in class nine. I learnt that you’re a big programmer, so I got interested in you.

    Please visit my blog. I’d be glad if you become a visitor of my blog.

  19. Dear Hasin Vaiya, I’m Biplob from RUET 02 cse, younger brother of Ajay Krishno Sarkar (Asisstant Professor, EEE Dept, RUET) and also cousin of Dipok Chandra Sarkar( Asisstant Professor, CE Dept., RUET). Can you remember me? I got an opportunity passing few days with you, also including Mizan Vai( Lecturer, CE Dept, RUET’95 series). One day, Mizan Vai asked you about your Programming/Computer related project. You answered that you earned 3500 tk from this project and also another projeect is continuing. In that time, i just admitted myself in RUET, CSE and thought that I would be more expert in computer Related Project than you. But, now i’m trying more and more times trying for getting telecom job and you are BIGBOSS……

    Please, don’t mind. If you will get time, please response to me.

  20. Hello Hasin Bhai,
    I came to know about you from Hanif Bhai…. But I could not even imagine what a big figure u r?Specially as a php programmer and developer..

    It’s really nice to know about you….
    Wish you a very successful life..

  21. Hello Hasin Bhai,

    I am new in writing blog. After searching bangladeshi blogger’s profile I saw that your profile is visited in very high rate. Can you please tell me how your blog is become favorite…….

  22. I am the student of CS.In this moment I am learning PHP from Ferdous vai.He is very nice.I hope u will help me.

  23. Hi,
    Dear hasin bhai. I m tring to be a PHP developer like.I m 2nd yr student of CSE.I cant do basic development of PHP. But I have many many problem….to understand. Plz give me a guide that can help me to develop my Practical programing skill.Plz recommend me some book…….that r easy to understand…thank u

  24. Hi,
    Hasin vai,how r u?
    I am Khairul Alam,Mechanical 03,RUET.
    I am trying to get job by freelancing but at first time it will be very hard to get.
    I will be establised.
    Plz give me some suggestions as the BORO VAI of RUET……………………Plz response me…….

  25. Dear,
    I am vishakha @ years experinced php developr
    Seeing ur profile i am dreaming abt myself… want to follow ur ways.
    Want to know more about PHP security tools??
    can we use third party tools for secuiry??
    i worked on lots of sites even working on ERP in php.But still using the core php.Also done some projects in joomla also. But not satisfied with the working style which we are following.
    I need some standrads which i can follow in projects. To be honest fade up of the same type of websites. I need some advance things which i can implement it.
    Hope you will suggets me something challenging concepts or standards which you i can implement in my projects.

  26. Hi Dear,
    While searching for neat php library for oAuth,I came to your blog and found it so intresting that I am sticking on it since last 3 hours.
    Thank you so much for sharing such a huge knowledge.
    I am working on an oAuth app for a product in stealth mode. I will be using your oAuth files for its current implementation atleast till POC level. Thanks for the same.

  27. i have a acer laptop which is linpus linux i can’t use zoom ultra there.please help me.can i nstall xp in it?
    laptop model-zg5
    processor-1.50 ghz(atom)
    hdd-8 gb

  28. Hi,
    I am a php developer and have some exp in it.
    I want to know about something symfony and zend.
    And which one is better and why?
    can you explain me about that so that it will help me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  29. হাসিন ভাই , আপ্নে তো ওপেন সোর্সে বিশ্বাসী ! আপনার লেখা বইগুলা ওপেন সোরস কইরা দেয়া যায়না??? 😀

  30. হাসিন ভাই আমি আপনার একজন ফ্যান (ঘুরাইন্যা ফ্যান না)! আপনি মোটামুটি আমার একজন আইডল! রিসেন্টলি আপনার কিছু ফেসবুক স্ট্যাটাস পড়লাম খুবই ভালো লাগছে! ফেবুতেই কমেন্ট দিতে পারতাম (আপনারে সাব্স্ক্রাইব কইরা রাখছি :ডি) কিন্তু ক্যান জানি ভাবলাম এইখানে বইলা যাই ! বর্তমানে তরিনোতে পলিটেকনিক অফ টুরিন ইউনিতে কম্পিউটার ইন্জিনিয়ারিং পড়তেছি! নিজেরে ওয়েব ডেভেলপার ভাবতে পছন্দ করি (যদিও এখনো তেমন কিছু হই নাই :পি)!
    আপনার এই ফ্যানটারে যদি একবার দোয়া কইরা দিতেন খুব খুশি হইতাম! (দিতেই হইবো এমন না! )

    ভালো থাকবেন ভাইজান! 🙂

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