converting standard wordpress into a SQLite powered multi user blogging platform

wordpress is one of the very popular blogging platforms which is not only free but also released as a open source project. officially wordpress runs only on mysql. so if you want to run it with SQLite, you will not find any official support for that. but fortunately justin addie has written an excellent plugin … Continue reading converting standard wordpress into a SQLite powered multi user blogging platform

Prelude to foundation: Its time to go for a better PHP Framework

I remember those old days when I had to write everything by myself. I wrote huge libraries to work with MySQL. Then I learned PostgreSQL and SQLite but didn’t rewrote my old library to work with those, I was running short of time. So I forsake the opportunity to write a db library which works with them. What I did was plain code relevant to database specific portions. Oh ya, that was a long time ago.

Soon after that I came to know adoDB which made my dream come true. I was so much happy getting my all db specific works done in a much more smarter way. I get rid of database portability issues. I was very happy that time.

I learned smarty soon after I realize that my codes are getting ugly with all the inline HTMLs and PHPs. Nothing could be smarter than separating the presentation logic from the business layer. I am a big smarty fan since that time. It saves my sleep for many nights.

But again I am recurrently suffering from maintainability issues. I was not surprised to find that my code is becoming huge unmanageable giant and it takes huge time for refactoring the application. I was very sad those days. Oh what a disaster that was.

When working with my team members located remote places, I fall into a deep shit. How can we manage and track the changes done by us? Even I was getting strange code in my routine which I bet was not written by me!! It was a terrific job Continue reading “Prelude to foundation: Its time to go for a better PHP Framework”

Just PHP will give you nothing… unless you upgrade yourself

I have been working with PHP for more than 3yrs (I believe still I am beginner in this category) – I was present in several interview board. Which things disappointed me most is the “lack of eagerness” to learn what comes new. Sometime developers thinks that learning Only PHP will help them to get lucrative jobs!! OMG

Specially in BD most of the time PHP developers plays multiple roles in the companies, they are developer, they are template designers, they are HTML coders, they are DBA, they are PMs….what the heck. Only few companies have different people for these roles.

How far you can go just learning PHP (RAW code, in ancient style, that means PHP+HTML together, yak!!)? You have to have knowledge in CSS, JS, Frameworks, Multiple DBS

When it comes the question of CSS, you should maintain a list of websites where from you can get updates. Dont learn the CSS from book, but goto websites and see what is happening… If you are still using Tables to design Continue reading “Just PHP will give you nothing… unless you upgrade yourself”