Prelude to foundation: Its time to go for a better PHP Framework

I remember those old days when I had to write everything by myself. I wrote huge libraries to work with MySQL. Then I learned PostgreSQL and SQLite but didn’t rewrote my old library to work with those, I was running short of time. So I forsake the opportunity to write a db library which works with them. What I did was plain code relevant to database specific portions. Oh ya, that was a long time ago.

Soon after that I came to know adoDB which made my dream come true. I was so much happy getting my all db specific works done in a much more smarter way. I get rid of database portability issues. I was very happy that time.

I learned smarty soon after I realize that my codes are getting ugly with all the inline HTMLs and PHPs. Nothing could be smarter than separating the presentation logic from the business layer. I am a big smarty fan since that time. It saves my sleep for many nights.

But again I am recurrently suffering from maintainability issues. I was not surprised to find that my code is becoming huge unmanageable giant and it takes huge time for refactoring the application. I was very sad those days. Oh what a disaster that was.

When working with my team members located remote places, I fall into a deep shit. How can we manage and track the changes done by us? Even I was getting strange code in my routine which I bet was not written by me!! It was a terrific job Continue reading “Prelude to foundation: Its time to go for a better PHP Framework”

Working for PageFlakes

I join PageFlakes this month as a Flake Developer. PageFlake team recently won the Ajax StartPage race beating Microsoft and Google. As a result, one of the most successful venture capital company BenchMark capital invetsed $5 million in pageflakes. PageFlakes has around 18 members here in Bangladesh, one of the greatest developer team I have … Continue reading Working for PageFlakes