Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part2

Following the first installment in this series, here is the second part. In this part I will focus mainly on Bookmarking and News services supported by FriendFeed . Here we go Supported bookmarking services by FriendFeed 1. 2. Furl 3. Google shared stuffs 4. Mag.nolia 5. Stumbleupon Except google shared stufss, all of the … Continue reading Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part2

Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part 1

Friendfeed is an excellent life streaming service aggregating all your feeds from different service providers, compile them together, build a social network among your known people and finally deliver all these feeds as a mashup. As a result you can immediately track activities of your friends on all the different service they use (like jaiku, … Continue reading Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part 1

Making a jobsite using PHP

I was involved in making a job site few days ago. During the development, I have studied how easily anyone can develop a job site using PHP (language independent in true sense) . So I decide to write a blog post about my experience and here it goes. But note that this article is not about scaling or balancing the load on your site during heavy traffic, heh heh.

When you start making a job site, the most complex thing that I’ve found is making the resume-submission-system. Specially the resume editor is more complex than most other parts of a job site. Numbers of sub sections makes it really “not-so-lovely” to code . I am not going to foucs on resume-editor in this article but want to help you on “how easily you can create you can make/run a job site by your own”.

If you want a ready made job-board software which you can just plugin easily under your domain (zero effort, seriously) you can go for “job-a-matic” which is just register-setup-run type one. Please note that it doesn’t come with source code. Its just a customizable solution which you can run under your domain name.

If you love challenge but still want a ready made one with source code then you can go for “Jobberbase“. It is written in pure PHP and uses MySQL in back end. It comes with nice user interface and Continue reading “Making a jobsite using PHP”