WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Code Generator from Tom Mcfarlin's Plugin Boilerplate

Tom Mcfarlin has written an excellent boilerplate for plugin developers. It is very easy to start writing your own plugins using his boilerplate. But if you want to personalize it to YourPluginName, you will have to modify all these files and replace hardcoded variables and class names which is a real pain in the ass.

So I have created a code generator which takes Tom Mcfarlin’s repository and replace everything (wherever necessary) by your plugin name, author name etc and personalize it so that you can download and start using it right away.

Check out this code generator at http://codegen.kickapz.com

You can download the source code of this code generator at https://github.com/hasinhayder/plugin-boilerplate-code-generator

Writing a new plugin is now painless 🙂

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