My $4/year continuous deployment server using webhook and rsync

6 thoughts on “My $4/year continuous deployment server using webhook and rsync”

    1. Yeah, I remember that many people were wondering what others do with these low end boxes. And a majority of replies confirmed that those are used as DNS server. Some people also use it as VPN gateways and CDN servers. Pretty interesting, eh?

    1. Continuous Integration is the process of integrating your code (whether bleeding edge/hot fix/master branch) to the test/development/production server. Now, whether it needs to pass the tests or not is more of a “choice” and that doesn’t put “continuous integration” in question. As long as your code is integrated, it’s continuous integration in simple. Of course, you may (and you should) want that test cases will pass to avoid regression or from introducing new bugs. But there are specific tools for performing those tasks, like Hudson/Jenkins/Xing/Phing/Travis/Capistrano and many more.

      This is also a form of continuos integration, simplest at it’s best 🙂

  1. Yeah, it’s interesting that people are using it as a Content Deliver Network. Is the 100mbit link speed for the entire node or each individual Virtual Server? It’s usually listed for the entire node so 12.2 MB/sec for a bunch of VPS’s isn’t the best for a CDN but I guess at this price point it’s not really a high traffic CDN.

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