Some of my favorite shots taken during my trip to Nijhum Dip

Nijhum Dip (Translated: Island of Silence) is a very remote island in Bangladesh, full of natural scenes, fishermen, deers and forest. This is a fantastic place to spend some time, leaving everything behind. I am attaching some photos from my last trip to Nijhum Dip.

1. Destination Anywhere
Destination Anywhere

2. Fruit sellers in a boat
Floating Market

3. The Longest Journey
The longest journey

4. In Pursuance of Dream
In pursuance of dream

5. Isolation

6. Tidal Canal
Tidal canal

7. House of silence in a moonlit night, long exposure
House of Silence

Finally, I really missed one cool shot because I was on a running boat, and someone came just in front of my cam.

8. Fly away, messenger Missed Shot
Fly away, messenger!

And Last one, it’s always fun to capture other photographers in action.

Man at work!

You can check out more shots from my Flickr stream, by clicking any of the pictures above. 🙂


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