jQuery Mouse Direction Plugin

6 thoughts on “jQuery Mouse Direction Plugin”

  1. Hi Hasin,

    thank you for that interesting plugin. I testet it, but it wasn’t that precise as I expected. Maybe it would work more precise, if the detection checks every axis for its own.

    In other words, check first if we move on y-axis (‘up’,”,’down’), then x-axis (‘left’,”,’right’) then you could concat this.

  2. As an extension of the original “mousemouse” event, i guess you should publish all the informations provided. In my opionion you should change that one line to:


    But still: great work!

  3. Your piece of code re-spark my interest in Web. Guess just completed some jQuery based HTML carousel for mouse events. All the code and components works like a charm. What a life (when things work…Ahahaha)

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