Working with Facebook events using Graph API, JS-SDK and PHP-SDK – part 1

23 thoughts on “Working with Facebook events using Graph API, JS-SDK and PHP-SDK – part 1”

  1. Thanks, I have been trying add a image to an Facebook event through JS_SDK but could only find PHP examples. Now I know my banging my head against the was was in vain, as it doesn’t seem possible. no I have to work out if I can run php pages along side aspx page.

  2. Thanks a lot, your post helped me out big time!

    Is anyone else having problems retrieving the events created by the App?
    The events created by the app display as being created by user and app, but when I query creator/owner all I get is the userID.

    If I try to get all events created by the app with FB.api(‘/168592903230706/events’)
    I get nothing as well. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Also tried with FQL, it works with userID but not with applicationID
    ‘SELECT eid, name, start_time, creator FROM event WHERE eid IN (SELECT eid FROM event_member WHERE uid = me()/*or APPID*/)’

    From the graph explorer I can see albums, images, status from my App Profile Page, but no events as well (

  3. I bought your new book regards to facebook application development, it arrived and been reading it yesterday I have found that I am going to enjoy reading it more. As an avid follower of you (I live in Scotland, UK), I was looking forward to this book and I am not disappointed.

    Thumbs up from another PHP developer 🙂

  4. Hasin, thanks for this updated version of the Facebook Application Development…I am currently “Learning Facebook Application Development” that you co-authored with Dr. Mark Alexander….published in 2008. Been having a hard time figuring out the code..since facebook has depreciated most of the things that are in it. Hopefully, you guys will review it and republish with the latest facebook APIs… 🙂

  5. it’s very nice post…
    I use it “OPEN” and it was success..
    how about if I want to make the event become private?

    I had change the privacy become “PRIVATE”
    but the created event still can be seen by friends…
    can you help me for this section?

    thanks a lot…

  6. Thanks for this. Couple things I noticed when trying to get this working. First off is that the date format seems to need to be in ISO-8601 format, i.e. “2012-08-30T17:54:00-04:00”.

    Next the parameter “privacy” is now called “privacy_type”

    I had to change getSession() to getAuthResponse(), and the response vars access_token to accessToken and uid to userID.

    That’s just what I needed to get it working for me. Hope it helps someone.

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