Why I dont like Version 2 of Springloops

I am a longtime user of Springloops, since 2008/2007 for all my PHP applications. I love their plans and features so much that I had upgraded to a paid plan and using that for last 1.5 years. Now, they have introduced the plan2 which looks strange and funnier to me. Let me tell you why.

I am using the Flowerpot plan of their old version 1, which has the following features
Storage: 2GB
Number of Projects: 10
Servers per project: 3
Number of users: unlimited
Price: $9/mo

Now, the new Flowerpot plan in version 2 offers the following
Storage: 3GB
Number of Projects: 10
Servers per project: 1
Number of users: 4
Price: $15/mo

Springloops V2 has Tickets and Milestones feature in V2, included with all plans. But for that, you will have to pay an extra $6 than what you were paying currently. And the funny thing is that not only the number of active servers decreases from 3 to 1, but also number of users will be reduced from unlimited for AWFUL 4? You gotta be kidding me, eh?

One of the springloops employee ( Szymon Szczepankowski ) had emailed me why do I hate v2 of springloops and didnt opt-in to upgrade to v2 from my v1 plans, immediately after I twitted about my frustration. And this blog post is written just in reply of that.

Stay in V1, enjoy a beautiful springloops. Never upgrade 🙂


  1. See they are charging for what they have made, so if you like their service I suggest you pay for that.

    Another thing, companies like Google takes you input and sells that how you feel about it? Thousands of contributors contributed to improve their translation and now they are selling it.

    I’d still vote for springloops policy. You must pay for the service you need.

    By the way, whenever something gets paid, why people get mad?

    1. I am still a paid user of SpringLoops, just I didn’t opt-in to upgrade to V2 and staying with V1 🙂 – I love SpringLoops (v1) and that is why i am using them for such a long time.

  2. I liked the features of V2 but the specs weren’t quite what I needed. It was a lot of space and not a lot of projects and users. SO I emailed them about that and the took decreased my space and increased the # of users and projects. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

  3. The Tickets and Milestones feature is the MAIN reason I use Springloops, they are insanely awesome. The prices are beyond worth it unless you’re using it for projects that don’t make money. And they will work with you if you ask nicely.

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