Startup Trouble: Selling your product!

Once your startup is live and has a developed product, you want to jump into the beautiful world of real money, isn’t it? But then there are chances that you are puzzled with lots of questions like “How can I sell my product from Bangladesh?” or “How can I bring my money back here?”

When we decided that we want to go live with MiproApps subscription plan, there was one more thing that troubled us a lot. We wanted to sell a special type of product, subscription based with automated monthly or yearly recurring charges. So we started looking for one easier solution. Its not like that we were not willing to pay for it, but the problem was that we don’t have paypal available in Bangladesh and you know that it’s a real pain in the ass to use international credit card here.

So, we’ve found “merchant account providers”. These merchant account providers help you to charge your client as well as work like a virtual bank account. You don’t need to setup anything to start with them. Some of them charge a one-time fee (like 2Checkout) but most of them charge a percentage from your sales. After searching for couple of weeks, we found the following merchant account providers who looked reliable. Now I know there are other providers as well, but I am just telling our story here, as we experienced it.

ShareIt from DigitalRiver

We tried to go with Avangate. They have nice UI, pro looking support, but unfortunately it didn’t work really good for us because of their hard-to-understand documents, specially for subscription based charging. And one more thing that’s not so cool was their charging at comparatively higher rate per sale. FastSpring has a very nice support with UI as well, and very good documentation. But they didn’t have subscription based charging model that time (They have one now, called Saasy). We bought one account in 2checkout and almost implemented our charging module based on that, but then, surprisingly we’ve found Plimus.

Plimus was extremely easy to setup, with a lower charging rate per sale and with user friendly control panel that worked really well for us. It was a charm from setting up first product to setup coupon code and volume based discount. And guess what, we were able to charge our customers, no matter if he was paying using Paypal or CC or Wire-transfer. Plimus managed everything and we had almost nothing to worry about. It is such a great experience using Plimus and we are still using their service.

Last one, how will you bring your money that you’ve earned by selling your products? Plimus supports wire-transfer or payoneer debit card which was just easy to set up. It takes a few days to get your payoneer card if you apply from plimus and after every month, they will send money to either your bank account or to this payoneer debit card. In case you are using payoneer card, you can withdraw money from any local ATMs with almost no hassle at all.

That’s mainly it for today, will come back with more very soon.


  1. You have other options to choose from. You can use wire-transfer which costs lower. But there are significant delay from wiring to deposit. Payoneer on the other hand is almost instant.

  2. I wonder if we really are that much unfortunate never to be able to enjoy PayPal at home.

    off-topic: My $120 is hanging on oDesk. I could ask for Payoneer Debit card but it requires a voter ID card which I don’t have. Any suggestions if I can withdraw the money?

  3. Well few days back I told few professors that whatever you do, end of the day you have to sell. They guy did not agree with me, got mad at me. See, if you don’t cry, mother will not give you milk, so from the very first day you have to sell. It could be your product, it could be yourself. So face the fact that end of the day you have to sell, whatever you do 🙂

  4. Nice post Hasin vai, specially for the startup. We need the PayPal and other easy services accessible from Bangladesh for doing something for the country.

  5. Wire transfer or transferring to moneeybookers might be a good idea.

    I could transfer it to moneybookers but how do I transfer it to my own pocket from moneybookers? I never really get if any site even accept moneybookers payment. I’m really stuck here. 🙁 Please help.

  6. Sorry your first experience with Avangate was not what you expected and thank you for your feedback. For what it’s worth, we have just launched some enhanced capabilities regarding subscription, just what you needed basically.
    Avangate offers payments to vendors via wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer card and check.

  7. Useful stuff, sir. What might cause fresh starters a lot of mistakes, nail biters, anxieties and moreover waste of money, reading this useful posts for start ups will give ’em a huge advantage, no doubt. Hats off for your efforts!

  8. What I gathered from reading lots of articles and posts:

    • 2CheckOut – They call your customers number and asks them whether they got the product you promised and yes they do it often which scare’s the customers and to register, you need a credit card, the charge is pretty high.
    • Plimus- Like 2checkout they also call your customers sometimes to make sure you are really selling products and charge is higher than 2checkout from what I know.
    • Avangate- This one is new to me, this one looks good. The charge is low and they accepts paypal payment from your customers which is a huge plus. Only drawback is they only pay you by wire transfer, check or Paypal. If you take check it will take approximately one month to cash out the money, if it is paypal…. well you know..
    • FastSpring- FastSpring is the best of this list. They are almost perfect. I only read good words about them from the users. The only drawback(at-least for me) is they don’t allow you to sell website templates. :/
    • ShareIt – This is a DigitalRiver service… I don’t trust them…. Just google “DigitalRiver scam” and you will know what I mean….

  9. What possible way can we use to transfer money outside Bangladesh? Most of the times we rely on someone who resides abroad and has an international credit card. Can you give me any suggestion?

    1. Yes you can. Although I will suggest you not to do that. because the of the government’s new tax policy the bank will cut of f 15% of what you have transferred.

      You can send it straight to your Payoneer master card. You can apply for it from their website. it only takes 2 days to receive money to your payoneer card and you can withdraw money from any atm of of the world. You can also shop online with it.

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