Starting a new startup?

24 thoughts on “Starting a new startup?”

  1. ah! inspiring one.
    got few ? in mind :
    – is it necessary to have good pre-relation with clients as funding matters?
    – do we need to focus on market?
    – business mind > developer mind ?

    1. Well, when you are starting your startup, there are less chances that you have good client base. But you got it right, whatever size is that, you need to maintain a good relation with your users once you are launched. “Getting Real” by 37 signals will help you to get something more regarding this issue.

      Focusing on market is not necessary from the very beginning. Develop something that people will use and guess what, you will get a good customer base gradually.

      Not really. Bring something good that solves people problem and it will ultimately create business for you and others 🙂

  2. Thanks for the insights Hasin bhai. Leevio really did make life easier for many but I wonder, if a company focus on small-scale mobile application development, what kind of progress do you see it making?

    1. If you are making some like NinJump, Wunderlist or Fruit-Ninja, or Angry Birds, you have a bright future ahead. But I guess thats not the thing you are asking. So let me know in details and I will try to help

  3. Like the post, this is all about your practical experience that you shared with us. Awesome! I hope many people in Bangladesh and from third world countries will get inspire by reading this post.

    All the best wishes for Leevio!

  4. Hasin Bhai, Great post. I really learned a lot from it. One point I want to ask you, when you discover a plan which should be a very good product , how you determine the future of the product. I mean, do you start making a user-base or anything else that give you an optimum picture about the future of the product?

  5. Excellent post Hasin vai, its all from your practical experience. I learned a lot from this post, as I was looking for this kind of article, because I have some ideas that I am working on. All are web-based project, but not exactly something that we need a developer team, we can hire a team I mean we can outsource. So if you could focus a little on that would be a help for us.

    You said “you need to be similar minded”, but I know most of the project fails because of that strategic point. Expert in Strategic Management says – a project should be criticized by its team, they should talk about if they have different thinking, team should not say “YES” to all the decision.

    1. Siraj bhai, thanks for your nice comment. Actually I tried to mean that people with too different views may actually push your project aside from it’s main course.

      And yes, the point you bring up here is also important. If all of you are too similar minded and concur without bringing additional value, there are chances of developing a poor app.

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