Add flexible configuration panel to DOM Elements with jQConfigurator jQuery Plugin

jQConfigurator jQuery Plugin

If you hover mouse over your Facebook profile, you will notice a nice configuration panel appears at the top right corner of your profile picture, saying “Change Picture”

Configuration panel at the top right corner of your profile picture

Now if you want to add nice and flexible configuration panels like this to your DOM container elements like

you can do it easily with jQConfigurator jQuery plugin. This plugin allows you to add text or images based panel items and manage their “click” events easily. Here is a screenshot of what it will look like, once added

Demo: jQConfigurator Object with Image Icons

Or may be one like this

Demo: Using text items in jQConfigurator

For an extensive documentation and working demo + download, check the jQConfigurator plugin from . jQConfigurator is released under New BSD license.

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