widget in MiproApps – why did it require special care…

In MiproApps, our Visual Facebook Fanpage Desiger from Leevio, everything is built on top of a scalable plugin based architecture. Every plugin manages it’s data using a central plugin manager. Most of these data are isolated from each other, stored and served by the plugin manager without any special coding required from plugin developers. That makes everything simple. As storage and serving is fully managed by Plugin Manager, it helps us to cache, validate and sanitize user data properly from a single place.

But when we decided to add support for, there comes a challenge. We have asked for username and password for account from our users to pull out the data from their shared folders and files. “PASSWORD” – and that is the thing everyone thinks twice before providing to a third party. Everyone cares about their personal data security.

In MiproApps every data collected from user are submitted to storage service via Ajax request. And we simply cant send plain password collected by users in an Ajax request. What we did in this case is we had signed user’s sensitive information using a 128 bit public key (RSA) in client side. The private key is stored securely in our server and that encrypted information is decrypted only in server side. So client application has just the public key. widget in Facebook Fanpages powered by MiproApps widget in Facebook Fanpages powered by MiproApps

There were other challenges as well, while we went to implement this encryption in client side by Javascript and Decryption by PHP. Unfortunately PHPs Mcrypt doesnt support RSA, and Zend Framework doesnt provide any component for that. And there was a trick when you encrypt your data in JS. You must add a null byte at the end of your data, otherwise PHP cant decrypt it.

We have used RSA library (a combination of RSA, BigInt and Barett Library) from Ohdave and used the Crypt_RSA library from PEAR. And it also required us to install bigint PECL extension.

You can see some example code at here and you can use the RSA public/private key pair either by openssl shell command or the RSA key generator from ohdave.

The service layer is working smooth. Plugin developers doesnt need to bother about encryption and decryption. Everything was managed transparently under the hood. And so far we are only developing our plugins, data is secured and safe. Users can add their publicly shared files directly in their facebook fanpage. For a sample output, you can check out my page. You will find the component at the bottom right corner.

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