LAMP Training for GrameenPhone: Download the course materials

Last November, 2009 I conducted the course on Basic LAMP in GrameenPhone and it was really fun. It was a 7 days course. You can download the complete course materials from the following link

Download LAMP Course Materials for GrameenPhone

Just in case you are interested to know what was covered in those 7 days, here you go

Day 1: Basic Linux and PHP Primer (Sorry, no slide for that day)
Day 2: MySQL Primer
Day 3: More Database, File upload and OOP
Day 4: Day 4: String, DateTime, Parsing XML, Regular Expression, Javascript and Ajax
Day 5: Introduction to Zend Framework
Day 6: Introduction to CodeIgniter
Day 7: Chart and Graphs, Google Translation, Visualisaion and Security

If u find it interesting, you can download from the following link. There might be some typo, please overlook them 🙂
Download LAMP Course Materials for GrameenPhone


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