Lookback 2009 and wishlist for 2010

2009 was a very nice year for me and my family. As of 2007 and 2008, here are some interesting facts of 2009. I just wonder how fast the days pass. 🙂

1. PHPExperts Workshop in May – It was a tremendously successful event we’ve arranged from PHPExperts with the help of computer club of Brac university.

2. I was one of the key speakers in Facebook Developers Garage in Dhaka. That was also a superb event in overall.

3. I bought my first car, Nissan Sunny 1.5 ltr 2004 JDM model.

4. Bought an iPod classic 120 GB and an iPod touch. Now I had quite a bad luck with both of these 🙁 – my iPod classic HDD was crashed in 5 months and I’ve returned it as a “Sales Return”. Later, my iPod touch home button got stuck and became stiff. I’m still using it.

5. We have a new member in our family, my son Evan in September.

6. I have started a small startup and we named it Leevio. We are currently developing some groupware tools which we hope to release in january 2010.

7. Needless to say, I became 30 years old 😀

Wishlist for 2010
1. I wish to have one of the new macbook/macbook-pro sometime in 2010
2. A new car (MT this time, of course). I will mod it myself 🙂
3. Some cool products from Leevio.
4. A superb WP Theme studio.
5. A new book on Facebook Connect that I am currently working on.

and of course, peace and happiness for everyone. 🙂 May Allah bless you all.

Have a nice year 2010.


  1. @Tasnim – heh heh, dont worry – earths gonna end up in 2012 😛 – so only three more years in hand, so many things to do 😀

    @Omi – hell yeah, I want to see your long wishlist 🙂 – dont forget to put a mac on the list 😛

  2. @Parvez no meaning, just word which sounds nice 🙂

    @Bijon – lol – mia dhamaka tuning koraisi :). gari ekhon pura super sonic hoye gese 😛

  3. Dream is the reflection of mind…but it become true when mind live at true…..it is very complicated…….i think u dream r near to true….so …..

  4. I heard the u r a good programmer, are u participating in topcoder or any computing contest, come to , i bet i will bet u:-)

  5. hasin vai,

    I want to know the status about your 4th point in the wish list….
    tell me ………..tell me!!!! 🙂

    I wish you could have done this thing! I would love it madly…..

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