What is your most favorite Book on PHP?

35 thoughts on “What is your most favorite Book on PHP?”

  1. I have all the books you mentioned except ‘PHP5 Power Programming’.

    I vote for Advanced PHP Programming – by far offers the most useful information on some really good programming practices, various solutions and approaches.

  2. I can still clearly remember in my head for the first time I’ve talked to you and suggested me the book PHP5 Power Programming then learned from it. All I can say is great book for both beginner and advanced php devs.

  3. Beginning PHP4 was the book I started with too!

    To be honest, the best book on PHP i’ve read, is not actually a book on PHP.

    The Pragmatic Programmer, I think, was a book that taught me how to approach problems rather than the specifics of how to solve them.

    Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

  4. zend enterprise php patterns among your favourites? seriously? the book came out after half the products in there were invalidated by new versions and it’s mostly a product plug.

    1. Dyson, I think you are probably mixing it up with some other book? – I am not sure. Because the book focus largely on common enterprise patterns. I really liked chapters on scalability and myql tuning and clustering. I found it’s a good book and went into the depth of some core techniques of scaling.

  5. I think Beginning PHP4 was one of the first PHP books I had as well. The two that I consider my favorite though are Advanced PHP Programming and PHP in Action. The thing I really liked about PiA was that it doesn’t go through the basic PHP stuff, it just dives into OOP, Unit Testing and whatnot.

  6. I have to agree that Advanced PHP Programming is a really good book, as I look at it on my bookshelf. I must say the best book for PHP5/OOP was “PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice” by Matt Zandstra. The 2nd edition came out last year.

  7. Hey! One thing though. You said smarty will be dead but it is still running. I also thought that it should be dead as it server no great purpose so I was looking for others who has similar thought and have found you.
    I have posted this thought on my blog. but smarty is not dead and I am thinking what to do for my wrong prediction that smarty will not survive!

    I am surprised why you think smarty will be dead where you have written a book for it!

  8. Ha how brilliant, all the big support for Matt Zandstra’s “Objects, Patterns and Practice.” I thought Larry Ullman’s stuff provides a really good introduction then Zandstra’s book just reads heavenly. I get annoyed when a book leads by example, unless it’s done in a way so as to grind home that point, not just illustrate syntax, which Zandstra does really well! The early stuff on the ShopProduct class just feels so natural and every bit of the example is relevant.

    I guess, actually, the reason for my enthusiasm is that this is a book that, for once, is worth as much for the manner in which it is written as the content it covers. It’s not, “this is how you do this”, and it doesn’t, in fact, labour on explaining syntax as most books do. It’s almost axiomatic in its approach (I might be exaggerating now, but it _is_ really concise).

    I like the fact that he makes no assumptions about the (lack of) intelligence of his readers… lots of books i’ve read lately you could just download the source code and get going.

  9. for me Advanced Php Programming is the one i like object oriented programming and design patterns and i appereciate that book for that.

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