zembly is deadpooled – 2.5 yrs of effort went in vain :(

16 thoughts on “zembly is deadpooled – 2.5 yrs of effort went in vain :(”

  1. This is just rubbish! Yeah, I do feel sorry for those developers who invested their time behind this service. And it’s a warning to the community developers of similar services. Think twice before you choose a new platform. Who knows, appJet may shut down next… 🙁

  2. appJet already stopped the app-hosting platform and distributing the SSJS (server side javascript) with their modified Rhino Engine. Now they only sell EtherPad.

  3. I guess that’s what your get for building on top of a proprietary service/platform/software. Nothing new to see here. That’s one of the reasons why you should choose an open source solution if you are going to rely on it.

  4. bro! just liked your expression! i liked the bottom line statement. they should show the respect the ppl who trusted their service.

    why don’t they charge from the development community ? i haven’t used their service before, so guess, i’m the alienate guy here :)_) before making any other statement i should stop now!

  5. I get your frustration, but if you want to rely on a service, you need an SLA and a contract.

    It doesn’t matter if the _free_ service is brought to you by SUN or by John Doe. If people want reliability, they have to learn that this comes with contracts and money being exchanged.

    I’ve never even heard of Zembly, don’t know what their business model is, etc.. Maybe they should have charged for this platform in order to be able to (continue to) operate it.

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