Using iPaper API to convert office documents to flash movie on the fly :)

16 thoughts on “Using iPaper API to convert office documents to flash movie on the fly :)”

  1. That’s a great thing.

    I got a question. Do you know any plugin for self-hosted wordpress which would help me highlight codes such as the codes highlighted in this page?

  2. using IPaper API can be handy, time saver, easier to use/integrate, on the spot delivery also it can be usable to make your site more robust look.

    World have IPaper API and we have this article 😉

    i m goin to integrate it in my site just doin some copy, paste 😉

    Cool writings. Thnx Guru :)_)

  3. Hi, very cool article. You wrote “I will show you how to use some other exciting tools which you can use and host in your own server 🙂 . that will be fun to host your own service like this”.

    Can you provide some information about that here in comments? I’m very interested to know how to do that 🙂

  4. Hello,

    Is there any way to modify uploaded pdf (or svg) documents on the fly?

    Lets say, a team-member uploads a report in pdf format. Another team-member reads this file from net and comments on it by modifying this pdf document on the fly?


  5. how to use scribd with my website to convert already uploaded files(in my website) into flash files without navigating to other website.I am working on

  6. Nice post.
    I got a little problem. I replaced file name with file path this way:
    UpdloadData = createIPaper(“http://myip/gpl.pdf”,”pdf”,”public”);

    It does not load the file in a viewer. Any work around?

  7. You mentioned a couple of other tools available – Could you list those other tools?
    Specifically I’m looking for free command line tools for PPT conversion


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