leaving i2we on 15th next

i’d joined i2we family on july 15th, 2008. i2we was a small venture funded company from berkeley and founded by karel baloun, one of the very first engineers in facebook. it was quite a good time over there with a nice team (specially louise, vladimir, jessica, himani, karel, ray , taewoo, sean, gerardo, cecilia, diego and definitely my bangladesh team shahid, shoeb and mahmud) – i have met some very skilled and prominent backend engineers (vladimir, gerardo – it was great working with you) and co operative team mates (louise, it is really hard to find such a good team mate like you). and yeah – taewoo. the one codeigniter wizard i’ve seen so far. and jessica, it was nice to meet you on board. shahid and shoeb are leaving too and definitely i wish someday teaming up the old team again very soon. stay tuned, my friends.

basically i’ve developed facebook applications and standalone RnD based web apps during this time, helped the whole team to optimize the platform and to tune it up. and it was overall a good time experimenting new tools and learning many insider things. thanks to karel and ray for their awesome support.

i am planning to have a vacation for a month right now with my family and then it’s the same old story again – 🙂 and yeah, will start looking for job again. so wish me the best 🙂

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  1. it’s a very sad news for me. all the best mates and brothers are leaving. all the best wishes for your upcoming days. i become now lonely in here. it’ll be a tough time for me, because when i face problem i ask you and shahid or shoeb vaia, but now whom i’ll ask. 🙁

  2. It is most sad for me. I deeply appreciate the many beautiful products and efficient libraries he’s created for i2we over the last year. From Truscoop to MQ, Hasin is an awesome engineer, and I hope that our business situation improves enough that we can deserve him again.

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