we've only just begun….

i remember the movie 1408 when john cusack, a horror story writer desperate for fame dared to spend a night in a cursed hotel room. when he entered the room, after spending sometime he started feeling uncomfortable and then he started giving him auto suggestion like “i know, there is nothing called ghost” – and instantly, like magic, the cassette player started playing the song “we’ve only just begun”. the moment was surprisingly awesome, john’s expression and the environment. i didnt know it was a very old song from 80’s sung by the carpenters.

i was detached from blogging for quite a long time. almost like 2 months. was in hell of a busy time. so i am back again to life. first let me give you some update from my last two months.

1. i’ve spent a huge time working on applications based on facebook connect and open stream API
2. started refactoring on my unicode bangla based input scripts
3. attended SQABD lightning talks 3.
4. delivered my speech on “scalable facebook applications” in Facebook Developer Garage, 09.
5. working to arrange DebugFest, the new seminar or debugging techniques and tools coming under banner of phpexperts.

not much, but i’ve found myself stressed up a lot. i am trying to recover my productivity. i am also looking forward to my own start-up one day.

we (me and my wife) are expecting our new baby by next month. i am also looking forward to take a long leave from everything for one or two months.


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