my business card

just printed some copies of my business card – would love to see your comments on this.



  1. Jotil……

    ami o plan kortesi……. amar ta banabo…!!!

    but, sob commented keno, should some out put..!!

  2. hahaha.. nice idea.. but i feel like it will be understandable only for the IT ppl or who knows programming.. otherwise.. ppl might not get used to with it 🙂

    i assume you are not making multiple types of business cards.. 😉

  3. not bad! but why these lines are commented? you don’t wanna execute ’em? :p

    On its next version, may be, we shall see use of syntax highlighter 😀

  4. Hasin Vai, apnar concept ta jossss legeche… amio same jinish print korechilam, but php te na, tokhono matro visual basic dhorechi… comment tag ta asholei mojar jinish…

  5. <card>
    <name>A.N.M. Saiful Islam</name>
    <pos>Web Application Developer and Freelancer</pos>
    <com>Future Group Bangladesh</com>
    <cell>+880 1710509686</cell>

  6. he he …. awesome idea boss.
    give php tag/string/comment color on it to make it lively 🙂

  7. Great ! i love it ! its totally new to mee … 🙂
    i hv seen ppl ryt msgs in php code , htm, c etc …
    evn i do that …
    but the busniess card idea is totally brilliant !
    it sings a programmer’s poetry 🙂

    n very artistic too 🙂

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