yo man, your browser has just been totaled!

funny, huh! but that was my case when i found all at a sudden every applications started working different in firefox 3.0.6. gmail loads in a very classic 80’s look. i tried installing firefox again but the problem remains the same. and the funniest thing happened when i tried to download the latest version of firefox from mozilla’s store/ mozilla said they don’t support mac os 9. ahem! – my one is mac os x 10.5.6

i was in the middle of developing a fbconnect application which one also stopped working. i was cluseless for an hour what actually happened. there must be something wrong with my browser agent. so i check ir and it was saying “Undefined Google ToolbarBB” – WTF!!

ok, soon after a while i remember that i had installed “Google Bookmarks Button” extension in afternoon. and i searched couple of places how to solve this problem. the solution is comparatively easy – just go to your “about:config” section and type “general.useragent” and you will find an entry with that value “google toolbarBB”. i’ve found that entry and just restored it to default.

later, to make sure of it – i opened the source code of Google Bookmark Button and i found the code where it was changing the value of default user agent! WTF!

so man, if your browser is totaled, relax and have a coffee and blame yourself for installing stupid extensions! i did!

browsing from a “totaled” browser is funny! DIY – lol!


  1. Haha

    But how do you explain when you see a new email in your inbox that states that you have opened a new ticket with your hosting support 😀 ?

    Ans: Send them invites to Web 2.0 apps 😀 (while signing up to a social app, they ask if you want to import your contacts, bla bla )


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