started writing on facebook cookbook blog

facebook cookbook, what is that? well first thing first – this is not something related with “facebook cookbook” published by o’reilly. usually you know cookbook is a term commonly used to describe books which focus mainly on problems and their solutions. these cookbooks contains quick solutions of common and frequently used programming problems.

so i am planning to star writing an open book (right now it is a blog, when we will have thousands or recipes we will make it a book) which will follow cookbook approach for facebook application developers. i will highlight common problems (there are numbers of problems with no solutions in their wikis) and their solutions which i’ve learned in my last one and half year journey as an application developer on facebook platform.

so the journey began, i’ve started writing on facebook cookbook. you will find it at

if you are interested to participate and share your snippets or right an article for the rest of us, you are very welcome.

check out Facebook Cookbook at


  1. Great initiative! personally, i will love to write on this blog from my small experience on facebook. So i was wondering, if we could open a new page or something where readers will give their problems list? and then we go on with the list and provide the solution one by one?


  2. Glad to know that you are taking this initiative 🙂 ,
    i’ll be looking further for it.

    can you please tell how to share my code related to it ?


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