lookback 2008

2008 was like ice-cream, with a chocolate syrup topping. heh heh, long story short, it was exciting for me. important fact throughout the year were the followings

1. stopped using windows in my pc, switched to ubuntu and then switched again to mac. now i am stable on it.
2. wrote a book on facebook application development which became obsolete due to the complete redesign of facebook profile and api
3. left trippertlabs , became a family guy
4. facebook application development became the source of my living
5. found some real assholes and some saints around me 🙂
6. developed prothom alo blog, another major localized blogging platform for bangladeshis.
7. joined i2we incorporation as a sr software engineer and helped setting up it’s devstudio in bangladesh.
8. started working on python (still a noob)
9. became 29 yrs old 🙂
10. most of my dream came true, bought a motorbike and an imac

5 replies on “lookback 2008”

Sad about the new facebook api 🙁

Lovely news on the Mac transformation

Congratulations on i2weee !


How are you doing Hasin bhai ? Long time no chat ! I was posting my last blog post today and decided to link you and matt into it 😛

I hope Prothom Alo blog is coming along well. I expect to see more from it. Continued plugin (..more featured) development would be a very nice thing.

So long !

Howdy ehab – got a pingback this morning, and found your blog post before seeing yoru comment 🙂

what about our plan on Logitech L25 ? I am still on it 😀

make your time to visit us one day 🙂

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