hats off to those of you who were behind the scene

24 thoughts on “hats off to those of you who were behind the scene”

  1. you are in good heart! I do not see people showing their gratitude in public usually. By doing this you’ve promised yourself that “I shall not stop until I reach top of the mountain” 😀

  2. First of all, it’s an honor for me to be listed in my mentor’s list of close persons (i call him dada). Surely I have given a lot of support to dada many times, but his guidance towards me is far larger than that. I practically came to the world of web programming with his efforts back in 2005 and since then, he never stopped helping me learn the ropes. We’ve been together in 3 consecutive companies and I simply love the exciting days of working together.

    Oh btw, I’m enjoying the company of the other great people in the list.

    Thanks dada!

  3. Hey Hasin
    Thanks dude. I don’t know this post is in the nostalgic catagory, but honestly it touched me. 🙂

    Eveyone should write a post like this once in a lifetime.

  4. ahm!!, thanks for mentioning my name 🙂 feeling bit shy 😉

    you were the guy who introduced me with arild and somewhere in…
    i can’t repay the inspiration i got from you during those days.

    really enjoyed working with phpxperts seminar and phpxperts group those days.

    wish your good luck

  5. it’s really an honour hasin vai. nice to know that I played an important role in your career.

    But nay rather it is you who inspired me to start web programming, you are the person who motivated me to write a book. Many sweet moments we passed together – thanks for those and for the upcoming ones. hats off to you too comrade!

    regards & best,

  6. একজন বাংলা ব্লগার হিসেবে বলতে পারি আপনি আমদের যা দিয়েছেন তার জন্য ধন্যবাদ খুবই ছোট শব্দ…

    god bless you…………………

  7. hasin:

    i just read your blog now. i used to read some blogs when i get some time. this is your simplicity that you remembered all these names.
    and i believe your this quality take you towards tremendous success.. you know, whenever i get chance in a meeting or seminar i used to give example of you. how a boy succeeded in IT. i always pray that you will be there wherever you want to go..

    can you remember how i find out when you were studying in ruet? i believe if someone have quality he glitters among all.. your writings also remind me the name shohag and omi azad with whom i worked..i still believe shohag has the quality to become successful like you if he get proper guidance, but he is interested in teaching.. okay, that also good if he can build many shohag who will follow hasin…

    may Allah keep all of you safe and pleasant…

  8. Mahbub Sohag sir is our teacher. I have provided him this link. His reply was –

    “Thanks Tareq for sharing the link.. Hasin vi is The Genius man I have ever seen….. He’s the first Zend Programmer in BD. We worked together once upon a time.. Lots of nice moments plays in my memory right now…. We passed very nice time…”

  9. Simply great article!

    Specially, these words are inspiring for me:

    “hasan is someone who never cares about programming languages ( which means he can code in anything virtually). i have never seen someone who can learn new technologies so fast!”.

    I want to be someone like that someday 😀

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