develop your own gtalk/jabber/aim/yahoo bot using imified API

41 thoughts on “develop your own gtalk/jabber/aim/yahoo bot using imified API”

  1. Wow! Just tested it. Its pretty cool! Some of my friends were telling me to create one of their favorite game so that they can play it over common IMs. I guess this is what I was looking for. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and making our life a lot easier!

  2. As usual hasin bhai, you are working on latest technology and i think this is very useful helper for to send message any microblogging application.And also giving nice example. Please add else in the callback function. Because if i write “marattok” it shows blanks 🙂

    Just for curios to know :
    why call callback function $callback($message,$step,$network,$userKey);
    in this way not like

  3. $callback(…) helps you to invoke the variable function name. It gives you the flexibility to pass any function name as string to be invoked as callback in setCallback($callback) function

    added the else block 🙂 thanks

    thanks everyone for checking it out

  4. Ahh, these are the guys are they not? I saw a vid of their product on ycombinator news a few weeks ago, didn’t know they already launched since redirected to somewhere else.

    Thanks for the sample as well 🙂

  5. Waw, cool.. it’s work..
    But little Question..
    How can i manually put a userkey.

    I mean.. i want to the bot send a message to specific Yahoo user ID that input from REQUEST.


    then the bot send “hello” to visitor_yahooid

    Great Tutorial 🙂

  6. hi, Just i sign up to then i couldnt do success it.
    Well i am just begining on php.So i think must upload class.imified.php and example2.php to my site.But i did not understand where i must edit.Just on that? $im = new ImifiedHelper(”7DCDECB6-C895-9643-909CDC85CBF09954 “,””,”Oye!MyPassword!”);

    Bot Key , bot id and password ?

    Coz i tried add the bot to my jabber list before upload anything to my site.But it said; The certificate failed the authenticity test.
    Reason: Certificate is self-signed.

    So i continue without certificate But then;
    There was an error communicating with the server.
    Details: Authentication error: Not authorized

    By The Way i did not udnerstand which part is wrong

  7. Thanks for the wrapper class.

    I built for my mobile community. You can type: “login username pwd” to login to the service. On successful login, you get a menu with new private msg notification.

    Type: “inbox” to view inbox. Type: “inbox 3” to open your inbox at page 3.

    And so on… Just type “exit” to sign out from the service. Otherwise you’ll stay logged in.

    Currently my users can read their PMs. I found the service just today morning and cooked up the app. I will add more functionalities for the users of (Mobile – WML) community.

    Thanks for the class again.

  8. The Callback url is the url of the script on your server. Download the wrapper class. Then create a file named “mybot.php”. Copy and Paste the example code into the file.

    Assuming that your website url is and you uploaded the “mybot.php” to the public_html aka www directory, the callback url would be:

    If you upload it to a subdirectory named “bot” under your public_html aka www directory, the callback url would be:

    Summary: The callback url is nothing but the url where the IMs from your bots’ users are sent to. The callback url receives the data as POST variable and prints out a response which is collected by the service and pushed back to the user. Hasin Vai’s wrapper class does all these things behind the screen. You can just edit the callback function’s definition to make it work. But remember that subdomains may cause problem. Always type in the real (or absolute ?) path to the script that handles requests and responds.

  9. Hi,
    I’m newbie of IMified. Yesterday, I create new bot Then I use Gtalk to add this bot, but not response from the bot for my invitation, it’s always offline. I don’t know why? My way:
    1. Create an account in site
    2. Then create one bot named
    3. Using Gtalk add this bot

    Please tell me is there any wrong there.

  10. Dear,
    I set up bot on Gtalk suscessfuly but I can’t set up on yahoo messenger network. What can I do?

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    understand and implement. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. “Waw, cool.. it’s work..
    But little Question..
    How can i manually put a userkey.
    I mean.. i want to the bot send a message to specific Yahoo user ID that input from REQUEST.
    then the bot send “hello” to visitor_yahooid”

    up for him, i need it too, can you help me

  13. Dear All,

    How can I develop bot that is similar like Naukri bot that is available in gtalk.How does the Naukri provide the feed to Gtalk I would like to know the core technology and the process is used so that I can follow the same.
    Appreciate your quick help.


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