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My slide in SQABD Lightning Talks – II

last night it was a nice event arranged by SQABD, the second part of lightning talks. the event was a huge success, almost 180 developers came from 40-50 companies. there were 12 speakers and each of them presented a 5 minutes speech and there was also a short “Q/A” session after each of these speeches.

luckily i’d got a chance to present my slide on “motivated team” there. its a micro session and mainly like the tv show “5 minutes to fame“. so i tried to keep it fun oriented, to keep the audience focused.

you can download my slide from here


thanks everyone who were present there, the speakers, volunteers, messengers, SQABD group and of course sajjad bhai for being such an outstanding host.

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Hi Hasin,

Thanks for the complements and I am so glad you enjoyed SQABD Lightning Talks 2. It was a challenge for everyone who worked to organize the event. Since the first SQABD Lightning Talks was a great success, we all took it as a mission to make the second one even better. Judging from your response it seems we made it. 🙂

Great presentation by the way. I am hearing good reviews about it all around 🙂 Speakers like you made SQABD Lightning Talks 2 superb.

Sajjadul Hakim
Coordinator, SQABD

Congrats,Hasin bhai for your great presentation.I think that would deffinitly help all of us as you have addressed a very important and vital issue.
Hope to see some more in future.
Also thanx to SQABD for arranging such a great event.

Hello Hasin Bhai..

As i have said ..

I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!

The intro was awesome! Ek kothai fatafati…
Waiting to see more from you….

And Thanks to SQABD for organizing these OSHADHARON events!

– Manzil

Thanks for sharing your feelings being a speaker in SQABD Lightning Talk and it was really one of those great presentations indeed!

Nice to hear that you enjoyed it a lot! 🙂 and definitely agree with Sajjad bhai – “Speakers like you made SQABD Lightning Talks 2 superb.”

– Tahmid

Felling very bad to see the slide. I should attend there..!!


I missed the seminar….!!! 🙁
Hope never miss in future..!! 🙂

Was an urgent update, that’s why missed.

Thanks hasin bhai, for invitation.
Slide looks …………………. 😉

Missed..!! Missed..!!Missed..!!Missed..!!Missed..!!

Great presentation and a timely one. Surely teams out there will identify the different roles and try to maximize the productivity using the small yet useful tips. Waiting for the next one in SQABD Lightning Talks 3 !

Well, when I said the presentation was the best among all other presented, Hasin bro said I’m biased. Now dear all comment on that plz.

In my opinion Hasin Bro’s presentation is ranked #1 and then comes Mr. Neilson’s.

And thanks Hasin bhai for inviting to such a nice event.
All the best wishes to you

sorry i missed the presentation, but watch it from net. its a nice presentation, i really missed the voice and your style.

thanks a lot… and all the best.

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