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I’ve recently came by hottDhaka developed by hott media. it’s basically a community driven social networking application focusing currently on restaurants. if you want to check a new hott dish or sizzlings, or a new restaurant to spend your evening, you should first check hottDhaka for a review. hottDhaka features excellent reviews, sample copy of menu available from each of these restaurants and provides you a nice interface to share your opinions. may be making friends with similar taste? why not!

overall i really like this site for their slick look-n-feel, soothing colors and nice ui. i must say its a nice addition to bangla community. cool! they are still in beta and i hope the final release is coming with some real cool features.


  1. Hasin bhai, how is it that the colors are soothing ?

    Red/Blue/White typical USA colors with typical cheap font download logo.

    Someone spent so much time on coding this thing, but UI ?

    Anyway. 19inch ey kata keno 😉 ??


  2. amar kase to bhaloi laglo, onek neat and clean 🙂 – small kisu prob ase thats right – but overall typical bangla community site gulo theke onek bhalo (like u made the first version of e-bangladesh – that was awesome)

    19 inch ekta lcd gift paisi – farewell gift from trip

  3. Hotaaaaaaas holam…….!!!!!!!
    Ai site niya kotha bolate………!!!

    laal, niil mixx……, laaal la bangler laal, niiilll te beshii khet laglo…!!!

    Sorry hasin bhai, ek mote hote aprlam na..!!! 😀

  4. @Hasin bhi: the site looks cool and i’m really happy to see that someone’s contributing more for our Bangla community.

    and i’m sorry to say that Ehab and Zia should pay some respect for the design. I know the designer personally and he’ll be very offended if he sees his comment about the logo.
    and i haven’t seen any Bangladeshi website with such neat and clean design before. Some people just don’t understand quality.

  5. I hear about this site from computer jagat. At first I think there will be a lot more on the site, but I see site is very new, and looks like lots of features coming. site could be improve, but very good place to check out all the restaurants and places in dhaka! much better than all other sites like this. i actually think design is very nice also, clean and simple! colors are good!

  6. Design is something that not all can agree on. Criticism is good sometimes but to see that some one calls using cheap Dafont fonts ( its free not cheap ). Web 2.0 revolution started with these fonts and simplistic two colors design are of the core design principles there. How else hot ( red ) and cool ( blue ) in two colors, I think the level of design in Bangladesh is pathetic. There are enough coders in here to outsource almost all social networking websites through and but very few designers . btw referring to the USA link of Blue and Red , Should we make the website a dark black and white site ( referring to the smoke and dirt of Dhaka ).
    I hope we get constructive criticism from people in the industry, not just Rants by some angry dude.

  7. @ Farnush: i agree with you mate and i hope some people will learn from your post. I bet that those guys don’t even the term called ‘constructive criticism’. We Bangladeshi never considered about our poor designing standard for most of our local site and we hardly have good sites which are competing worldwide. knowing a bit of PHP and few tools of Photoshop, some people think that they’ve mastered everything about web and can make any disrespectful comment on anything and anybody. I guess that’s one of the reasons, for us being behind at the race of web technology.

    @ Hasin bhi: i’m sorry that i had to write all this at your blog. as thousand of people will be reading this, i had to express my thoughts being a bit rude. i’m sorry if that disrespects you in any way. you are our role model and we all have lot to learn from you. regards.

  8. Having used a variety of different social networking sites for the past few years, I personally think that it is unfair to deem this website as anything but pioneering and forward-thinking. How is it that you could assume that blue, red, and white are not soothing colors? Google uses similar colors within its layout and the vast amount of users I have spoken to prefer Google over most other search engines due to its color scheme which they dub as “soothing on the eyes” as well as a simple, organized, and efficient. I find HottDhaka as a website that is in the very early-stages of development, but with a formidable if not amazing future lying ahead of it. Whether the font type is cheap or free, regardless it does the job.

  9. all sorts of criticism are welcome but watch it on the usage of language…..these ppl are working hard day and nite to provide u with quality and reliable service so i think the least u guys (ehab and zia) can do is appreciate the fact that such a site is in progress. mind u red blue white doesnt always represent USA …it mainly represents three colours that we all come across everyday….hope next time the criticisms can come in an acceptable language. THANK YOU!

  10. Sarwar: and i’m sorry to say that Ehab and Zia should pay some respect for the design. I know the designer personally and he’ll be very offended if he sees his comment about the logo.

    I am offended by your comment ! Just kidding 😛

    Since you are the “designer’s friend” – you would not know what criticism means.

  11. UM hottdhaka may not be the best but yes they do a good job providing lot of informations. Sometimes they do become annoying with unnecessary contest like thingy but still they are fun.

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