One Month in I2We

One month passed in I2we, a Berkeley based social networking firm. Here is my team. and I am proud to be a part of it

I2we team in berkeley
I2we team in berkeley

Standing in back, Sean, Karel and Huey
Jessica and Bemi are in sitting in front


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You are right rakib, this was a surprising pic from them – introducing. And I love the way they welcome new engineers in the team, always a surprise.

its not like that. As I told, i2we likes to surprise every new engineers with a warm welcome. So this is also like an warm welcome. It makes you feel easy when you know there is a friendly team there.


Combination of black and white in the team, nice! i2we has raised $750K in Series A funding led by IDG Ventures. Hope this big investment in IT will happen Dhaka some day !!! Congratulation Hasin bhai.

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