What a day!!

………. ……..zzzzzzzzzzzzz……. whoops!! it is 11 AM trying to restore apache2 when it was corrupted after a system update last evening grrrrrrrrrrr – what the hell!! – mod-php5 is not working at all! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. …whoops its 5PM raju came with his new laptop, failed to setup his EST-610U EDGE card on Ubuntu, Modprobe was … Continue reading What a day!!

Update, June 22 – July5

1. left trippert labs, many of you already know that. 2. started with i2we inc as a sr. software engineer from july 1 3. developed a draggable and localized virtual keyboard for a inhouse project – you can see the demo at http://gopsop.com/vk.html – right now it is completely on-the-fly generated and based on jquery … Continue reading Update, June 22 – July5