This is my last week in TrippertLabs

39 thoughts on “This is my last week in TrippertLabs”

  1. It is indeed a sad news to work without you. I first thought and hoped the news a joke. Anyway, we will miss you.
    And I will always remember you as one of the most inspiring and caring man in my life. Best wishes Hasin bhai, alway.

  2. Boss of PHP of Bangladesh leaving the best khown recruiting place for the PHP devs… 🙁

    Best of Luck Boss… Have a nice vacation

  3. Well it’s a blow for Trippert Labs for sure, but I guess the decision was not easy for him at all.

    Nevertheless, I am sure hasin bhai will enjoy the free time before starting anywhere else.

    @hasin have any plan ?

  4. It is a sad news indeed, and yes we all @ TrippertLabs will be missing you. I am in deep shock after hearing the news. You have been greatly involved in making TL what is it today, and have been a great influence and inspiration for all of us in TL. We can never forget your extra-ordinary presence and contribution. And I personally will miss you alot.

    But, having said that, we will not let your hard work go in vain. We will give our best effort to make sure TrippertLabs keep growing the way it is, and make it one of the most innovative place to work at.

    And, you will always be a part of TrippertLabs 🙂

  5. Unbelievable indeed! Unexpected and painful news!! We will be missing our technical guru. Hope and like you to be around us time to time though you are leaving.
    Best wishes on your new journey.

  6. before reading the blog i thought, it was a serious joke (!) which will be ended on monday. evreybody (at least programmers) likes to get company of such a guy, we will miss him (wish a roll back!).
    however, if this is the reality then i’ll be glad to hear that he is going to build another big lab. best wishes for coming days.

  7. I still remember that day when we met at CFC for the interview; And that is the beginning of a story…After that we have passed together in a long journey till this day! It is indeed a sad news! It is a great experience for me to work with you for almost a year! Have learnt so many things from you.. So you are the Storyteller ! Waiting to hear more from you….. Wishing you all the best !

  8. This is not a good news at all. Usually, people are always like bad news, but not this one. Not this one!

    I don’t quiet known Hasin. But indeed he’s one of so many fascinating people at Trippertlabs. I’d really like to meet all of them.

    Why are You leaving?

    Anyway, I wish You (and family) all the best in this world. And like Shoeb said “WE hope and like you to be around us time to time though you are leaving..”

  9. Thank you all!

    I know I wont stand here without you beside me! And dont worry (@TL teammates) – everything will remain as is. I wish you all a nice time ahead.

    Thanks again for being with me in my bad time.

  10. its been so hard to belive. without hasin vai trippert is like a ship without a sailor.

    anyways, all the best hasin vai. I hope you will start with a new ship in the field of IT here in bangladesh.

    Good luck PHP-GURU

  11. feeling good thinking one thing! that i haven’t got chance at Trippert, otherwise that could turn into a boring job 😉

    Best wishes for the vacation. 🙂 enjoy well.

  12. For me it’s like losing a family member all of a sudden. I am sad an shocked! Without him TL would not be what it is today. He has always been and will be our inspiration in our coming days.
    For last one year we have gone through many sweet and bitter moments together. Till now it has been a great journey. But I am upset to know he will not be there with us in our coming days.

    Anyway, very best of luck and wish you a very successful life ahead.

  13. Its really shocking and SAD!!!!
    Its really painfull to see such a wonderful person leaving.

    Though i havnt got that much time to get to know you but again i admire and respect you.

    Hope to see you and your all time smile around.
    Best of luck.Take care.

  14. Life is lots of fun. Enjoy happy holidays. I know you will make lots of Trippart Labs in Bangladesh. Let our love like sunshine surrounding u.

  15. Wats next in the to-do list? BTW, I’ve noticed you have cut the wish list item, 19″ LCD Monitor; have you already purchased it or not interested nymore?

    best wishes for you.

  16. @Ehsan bhai – My colleagues at Trippert BD gave me a nice gift at the farewell, and guess what, it is a 19″ LCD monitor!!!

    I was so much surprised!!

  17. I was introduced with hasin bhai, when he was leaving somewherein. I was surprised about his leaving somewherein.

    And then saw he did better one like TrippertLabs.

    So, now I am not surprised about his leaving TrippertLabs.

    I know he will do better one than TrippertLabs.

    So, Bhaiya best of luck. 🙂

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