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Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part2

Following the first installment in this series, here is the second part. In this part I will focus mainly on Bookmarking and News services supported by FriendFeed . Here we go

Supported bookmarking services by FriendFeed
2. Furl
3. Google shared stuffs
4. Mag.nolia
5. Stumbleupon

Except google shared stufss, all of the rests require just an username to generate the access point for retrieving user’s bookmarked items. And for the google shared stuffs, it requires the fully functional url of the feed available from your google bookmark service.

Access points

AP:<user name>


AP:<user name>.rss;

Google Shared Stuffs
you can find your google shared stuff url from



AP:<user name>.rss;

Whoops, Double Whoops, Tripple Whoops. It took quite a time for me to find the feed url. I dont know why it is kept so “SECRET” – LOL

AP:<user name>.rss;

Supported news services by FriendFeed
1. Digg
2. Google Reader
3. Mixx
4. Reddit

Here are the access points


AP:<user name>/history.rss;

Google Reader

You can find your shared item’s feed url here


Unfortunately during the time of writing this article, Mixx was napping – here is the screenshot. Once they are awake, I will update this section 🙂


AP:<user name>/.rss;

In next installation I will focus on scaling such a huge load successfully. Hope that will be interesting to many of you. Following installation will focus again on the access points.

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you are certainly wrong, Shaun. It is not all about just parsing some feeds. There is an excellent scaled architecture and some geniuses who knows how to balance it 🙂

wait for the next article 🙂

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