Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part 1

23 thoughts on “Building services like FriendFeed using PHP – Part 1”

  1. Nice read, thanks!
    I am interested in part 3 and 4. Most importantly how are you willing to tackle storing onlythe delta of the feeds entries (new feeds).

  2. thanks for the post.
    I have been talking over with some of the reps for friendfeed to develop a wdiget for the service and a pretty cool intervention with their API, just getting the developers together.

    the noserub solution is frigging awesome. Its a shame that services like that are not getting their due PR

  3. However ‘noerub’ seems to be a service that offers a script that can decentralise social streaming, however as far as a read it you would add a script to your own site that ‘connects’ to the other versions of noserub around the web.


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