proud to be @ trippert labs

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  1. You guys indeed look the part and a happy one as well. Seems like there are other companies outside of KAZ in Dhaka which also try their heart out to put a healthy and fun loving environment and develop the culture accordingly. All the best to you guys and hope you go from strength to strength from hereon. Cheers.

  2. I think , most of software firms of bd don’t know how to get the best efforts from the developers. 🙁
    I got this msg from my 3 months job exp .

    You guys are playing the right game 😀

  3. Popular, but less needed – specially in this heat !

    Anyway – I am proud, that I know of your existence and to be near people who are working for pros like EA and NBC

    We don’t come from a land down under, But we got folks of thunder 😀

  4. i agree with you hasin bhai, if you dont enjoy your work and the environment, you wont be able to produce the expected result. we have to make this trend available to every software companies in bd 🙂

    have a great time guys..

  5. you are right mahmud – that is shoeb.

    we found that hanging people like this works like a charm, deliver products faster than lightening, specially if they have virtigo

    so we were experimenting our new agile method here 😀 LOL

  6. >we found that hanging people like this works like a
    >charm, deliver products faster than lightening, >specially if they have virtigo

    I see, thats the secret, hanging people until they come up with something.

    Hasin bhai, seriously you need to do patent or something like that for this unique agile method !

  7. hasen vai , i heard from amader projukti that u r that special man who creat the phonetic and avro keyboard layout. I wanna use that scripts in my site so that everyboy can use that without downloding (in immergency), though my site is under process may i grab ur helpful hand pls?

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