whoops! naked_women are being part of php frameworks – LOL!

i don’t know if anyone before me already noticed this funny and cheap trick that the developers of kohana framework (which is a fork of codeigniter) have integrated with their distribution. while surfing the code base, i’ve found a file name “Naked_Woman.php” as part of kohana, located under system/libraries.

The content of this file is funny as well.

<?php defined('SYSPATH') or die('No direct script access.');
 * Merry Christmas!
 * I wonder if this will be picked up by Google and cause a massive number of
 * hits to just this file....
 * @author     Kohana Team
 * @copyright  (c) 2007 Kohana Team
 * @license
class Naked_Woman_Core {
	public function __construct()
		throw new Kohana_User_Exception
			'cash::generate(), plz?',
			'There are no naked women or cash generators in Kohana. Sorry! ;)'
} // End Naked Woman

didn’t know naked womens are so influencing to even php frameworks! – lol

16 replies on “whoops! naked_women are being part of php frameworks – LOL!”

ha ha ha

Did any anyone notice this line 17 in the Naked_Woman_Core class?

‘cash::generate(), plz?’,

And also line 18?
This line is so dirty that I am not even mentioning it once again…

Aha…! Ki mohan sob programmer in Kohana Team!


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