whoops! naked_women are being part of php frameworks – LOL!

i don’t know if anyone before me already noticed this funny and cheap trick that the developers of kohana framework (which is a fork of codeigniter) have integrated with their distribution. while surfing the code base, i’ve found a file name “Naked_Woman.php” as part of kohana, located under system/libraries.

The content of this file is funny as well.

<?php defined('SYSPATH') or die('No direct script access.');
 * Merry Christmas!
 * I wonder if this will be picked up by Google and cause a massive number of
 * hits to just this file....
 * @author     Kohana Team
 * @copyright  (c) 2007 Kohana Team
 * @license    http://kohanaphp.com/license.html
class Naked_Woman_Core {
	public function __construct()
		throw new Kohana_User_Exception
			'cash::generate(), plz?',
			'There are no naked women or cash generators in Kohana. Sorry! ;)'
} // End Naked Woman

didn’t know naked womens are so influencing to even php frameworks! – lol

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  1. ha ha ha

    Did any anyone notice this line 17 in the Naked_Woman_Core class?

    ‘cash::generate(), plz?’,

    And also line 18?
    This line is so dirty that I am not even mentioning it once again…

    Aha…! Ki mohan sob programmer in Kohana Team!


  2. So that’s why they keep telling us to read the source code and stop whining about the lack of documentation.

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