getting started with orchid framework

3 thoughts on “getting started with orchid framework”

  1. hi bro,
    just few observations hope you will try take them positively –

    1. why ‘base’? as index method ? since you are following some conventions which are taken from ruby on rails, why not “index” instead ?

    2. why class name in lower case? why not method name in lower case too ?

    reading through your feature list – i think following items sounds like not in context :
    i. support for caching (how it gonna help during development, since we know premature optimization is harmful)
    ii. Fast & lightweight (since i can’t see any benchmark how should i believe)
    iii. what do you mean about active record ?

    just a random thought –
    you could have use “__set” magic function instead of “$this->setViewParam”

    so the code will look like –
    $this->talkings = “hello world”

    * google chart/map api shouldn’t be part of core framework

    * since php is mostly used for single execution life cycle, so why not some long running php process solution?

    best wishes,

  2. Hello vaiya, I know about orchid but there is no full tutorial on this framework. So can you suggest me full tutorial about orchid.

    Thank you

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