facebook data storage api can really be the replacement of memcache

9 thoughts on “facebook data storage api can really be the replacement of memcache”

  1. @Trophaeum

    heh heh, you can shoot me but seriously, i suggested this with complete sense. did you notice there terms

    “facebook application”
    in a facebook application there are so many rest calls that you will find it really not mentionable instead of “real caching like memcache”

    “begin batch”
    i could show the example without this one, but as it is part of the batch, it will save some extra microseconds.

    and as the name “cache” indicates, it is really for many of developers who use cache engines just for storing data temporarily (not as a performance booster) and in that case, facebook data storage is really a handy one.

    thanks for your comment 🙂

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