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I would love to be a baby sitter

Well, it may sound funny but this is what I want to be after 6 years. I am quite planned about my future and I will definitely retire from my regular web app dev job after 6 years. Beside this I love kids, love talking to them and love to see them growing up 😀

so I am going to be a baby sitter after 6 yrs and I am sure, I will do good 😀

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hmm it seems we are getting a “Daddy Day Care” in reality in our country – cooooooool 😉

are you guys watched that movie recently?

Nice idea Hasin bhai…. BTW, I was curious about the status of PHP developers in BD. how much does a PHP programmer earn on average? since you’re quite young and plan to retire soon, seems to me developer make a handsome amount.

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