29th Feb, 2012

What will happen this day in 2012?

Afif will be almost 6yrs old
His sister will be 3 yrs old
I will code in PHP10 and Python 5
I will still be young like today
I will hold a MySQL DBA Cert
I will be writing a book on Python
I will be having a car
No one in my family will be using windows anymore
I will write a blog post titled “29th Feb, 2016”
I will still be singing “Like a rolling stone”

And Finally

I will be preparing more for the self retirement in 2015


  1. Good, my daughter is going to get two more play-met 🙂

    I wish and pray that we all are alive till that day.

    btw, I never heard you singing ever
    …hmmm a new rule should be introduced… if a singer (anyone who can shout out a lyrics in any sort of rhythm) does not sing, he is to through a lunch party 😛

  2. Interesting … one thing, you are pretty much sure/planned about the next 6 years. But i am not still sure what i will be after six years … lol

  3. I like it – years ago I on New Years day i used to write goals , one year, two year and fie year lists. This was very helpful to me and I was able to figure out what mattered to me.

    I like the leap year advantage personally casue leap years only come once every four years.

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