Virutal Interview, Are you interested?

I can do one thing to help you out there 🙂 – if you are confident on PHP, JS and web application development – or if you want to see how a real interview actually takes place, I can take your interview for 30 minutes. You can just hide your name, designations if you want. I wouldn’t ask your real name or any private info for sure. I can send you the report right after your interview and using that you can understand where do you lack.

If you are interested for a 30 minutes interview over messenger – drop me a mail to Please note that you can hide your id for sure. I am sure it will help you to upgrade yourself (myself too :D)


  1. Fatafati idea for self-assessment 🙂

    This should be a real good initiative with loads of bunch of assessment work! But will be really appreciating! Keep up the good works!

  2. Great. I m not IT geeks. If you are planning to interview, who is not an IT guy, Pls let me know.

    also hiding my ID here. But you know who I am.

  3. Nice idea bhaiya….

    I think this kind of interview will help us.

    I will attend, but won’t tell when …

    keep it continue…

  4. greattt!!! may i come in sir? 😛

    well.. later.. but i want to give it face to face ..also i know the result..i’ll fail for sure 😛

    great idea boss! 🙂

  5. Assalamu alaikum,
    Alhamdulillah, Its a nice offer. Thanks to Hasin Bhai. Only Brave person will be ready to give the interview.

  6. Its an innovative idea and clever one as well :). As developers will be assessing themselves you will be able to assess the condition of the market :). I think I will drop in for an interview soon.

  7. I am also going to Mail u hiding me.its really great for meeting a great like u. Its really thrills me as PHP, JS,CSS are also being my passion.
    Its an WOW idea to Justify my level in a magnefying glass.

  8. Thanks Hasin bhai, I am interested.. And i guess there are lots of other people who are also interested… We need to pass this message to them ! 😉 .. Great Idea and Great Initiation !!

  9. Well, if they fail to answer your questions, then you can forward them to me. I started a new trend in my company.

    If you are not skilled enough but you are enthusiastic, then you can come here with your PC and work with the experts. We will not give you any salary but you will get some benefits, like lunch, travel etc. and you will get a chance to work with the experts to develop yourself.

    We got 3 developers so far under that agreement and we can take more.

  10. hasin vai .. again interview ? i gave once .. and trust me that was horrible .. i found myself “knows-nothing” about PHP development. But i m ready for another one. 😀

  11. Great! Wonderful! Definitely it will be useful for the people out there…. good to see that you think a lot to improve the skill of the people :). Thank you.

    What about to write a messenger bot or web application with AI capability which will ask questions randomly according to the level of the candidate…. this can be the first round of the interview.

    Candidates who will pass the first round… will have to face you in their second round. In this case the messenger bot can send an automatic mail to both parties by setting a time.
    In this way, you can filter the beginners and can save your valuable time substantially and of course the interested beginners will get time to prepare/rectify themselves before facing the real boss/guru-Hasin Hayder :). And the bot won’t be tired by taking lot of repeated interviews in a day.

    Surely it will help to increase our knowledge because knowledge is sharing & practicing….

    Oh ho I am also sending mail to enroll myself ;).

  12. Seems to be a “kapani” idea 🙂

    @Hasan: writing a code in my leisure time won’t introduce me to the immense pressure of an interview session. the quick thinking, prompt answer, guiding the interview, hunching, etc will come only in an interview session. although its not a formal one, but even an interview with “hasin da great” is a pressure for many devs. but then again, i won’t rule out your idea.

    imho, any good interview should be a combination of a number of sessions where a candidate’s various capabilities are exposed. i would suggest the following as a sequel of interview:

    a. online interview – helps judge the overall standing of the candidate

    b. small coding test online (problem solving, not a total app – helps identify the problem solving capability and thinking process of the candidate)

    c. team work session in premise (shows what kind of team player the candidate is – most times we don’t need 4 leaders in a team, rather one/two leader and others executioner)

    c. face to face interview – very useful to understand the candidate’s mentality, promptness, smartness, manner, pressure handling, etc

    arranging this type of extensive interview session is not easy. but then again, to find great talents, you have to go long down the road.

    thanks everybody!

  13. Thanks Hasin bhai! This is a real opportunity for all like us. Thanks to Omi bhai also. I will sure cacth the ball. I’m entering into field.

  14. Hello,

    This is surely a great offer to give Interview to a Zend Certified Engineer and one of the founders of PHP Experts group. It is also great since Hasin vai will send a report on the skill level of the developer.

    But I have a question.
    How long is this offer valid?

  15. I should really appreciate Omi bhai’s initiative and support it. I was thinking of something similar but didnt have the place to start it. I just had another addition to my idea and that is to use the new developers to develop open source project and participate in open source projects, that would also broaden the horizon.

    Great going Omi bhai.

    Hasin vai – with your experience a similar initiative would also be nothing but appreciated and loudly applauded 🙂

  16. Hmm,
    Looks like you are trying to get experience as an interviewer. Cool.
    in reverse,
    wish there could be some way to face thousands of interview. ha ha. 😀 😀

  17. Realy great idea. its helps manystudents as for me to update themself.Congratulation Bhaia for this types of interview.

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