On the way back to Dhaka – Seminar on "Current Job Trends"

13 thoughts on “On the way back to Dhaka – Seminar on "Current Job Trends"”

  1. Big bro, thanks for the seminar. It’s like gaining a few more eyes. But where are the slides? You had told they would be avail for download. I need them badly.

  2. These guys who joined the presentation were really lucky. These slides are awesome. I wish i had this kind of opportunity to join such presentation like this when i was at university. can remember a presentation on software engineering by Datasoft’s CTO, at the end of the presentation he said one thing that i still remember. he was like “eat your own dog’s food” – meaning whatever you develop first use it by yourself. This is how a presentation inspires. Certainly, these RUET guys are lucky n im sure they will be motivated by this wonderful presentation.I hope you will be continuing this process with other universities. thanks for sharing the experience.

  3. wow ! This is really a good initiative and slides are simple awesome. Those RUET guys are really lucky. Personally I felt, one can never forget his school’s & university’s attachment. I passed my golden days at those places. I think you take right steps on right moment. Now a day all people are going to study EEE or ETE. I don’t know why ?? but it’s reality. I wish you will be continuing this initiative with different universities. Wish you Best of luck.

  4. Dear vai,
    Thanks a lot for your great innovation.We’ll be pleased to have you in “RUET” next time.
    It’s really cool .
    /liton CSE04

  5. It’s a great seminar……..WOW!!!!!!!!
    I have impressed and try to develope my self.
    for giving us such a good direction.

  6. Dear Brother
    Many many thanks goes to you to come to RUET and for your kind effort to appreciate my students. I hope you will continue this type of encouragement for my students and also for me.
    Once again I would like to thanks on behalf of my CSE department RUET.

    Best of luck BOSS.

  7. Thanks Vaiya for your seminar.
    I am interested about game development.
    I have a thesis in this final year.Can U give me any idea of thesis about game development related topice?

    Thanks again vaiya.

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