Interview Published

My interview along with Jeff Moore, Vidyut Luther, Ed Finkler, Matthew Turland, Richard Hayes and Martynas Jusevicius published yesterday.

Thanks to OdinJobs for conducting this interview.

This interview is available here


  1. i feel proud to be a Bangladeshi because of you. It’s one more positive step from Bangladesh by which people can know… it’s a not only land of poor and hungry people but also a land of talent. Keep it up hasin bhai.

  2. Hasin Bhai,
    I can still remember the dumbed-face of my ex-colleague when I replied ‘No’ to his question “Don’t you know hasin hayder?!!”

    By these time, now I know how funny was my answer!

    Keep up our face…

    NB. Heh heh.. though I posted a long comment for on of your comment there 😛

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