Lookback 2007, The Storyteller

January 2007
I started working with my book OOP5 with PHP. I was working on somewherein that time and had a hard day installing subversion server (poor me, heh heh). I took three PHP devs in my team there. Spent quite a busy time planning the new year.

February 2007
Was running @ full throttle in Pageflakes. Learned a hell lot of javascript. Done some interesting flakes in Pageflakes.

March 2007
Became a die hard fan of Code Igniter and refactored somewherein blog completely with it. Planned for a complete refactoring of zephyr.

April 2007
Benchmarking, profiling took a long time due to refactoring of somewhereinblog. My book WordPress Completed had been slashdotted 8. I had released WordPress Bangla Plugin which is now being distributed from Ekushey. Started coding the linkedin flake for pageflakes.

May 2007
Found something interesting which I thought was a bug in Reflection in PHP. As I started writing on reflection chapter of OOP with PHP, done some serious RnD on it. Got my Nusphere PHPEd 5.0 license. Afif got his first year done and we got a beautiful cake celebrating that event.

June 2007
One year passed since I became a Zend Certified Engineer but still not received my certificate. Was pretty pissed off for it. And an important month for my life too. I quit from Pageflakes after staying for one year with them. I quit from Somewherein as well after working 2yr and 3 months for them. I become a free man (you remember Gordon Freeman?).

July 2007
Joined Trippert Labs on 15th July which was the beginning of another new chapter. Started working on Trippert.com, their official site for travelers.

August 2007
Became 28 yrs old, he he. Spent some serious time refactoring Trippert.com and performance analysis of web applications. Was a very busy month in fact. Started working on Orchid.

September 2007
Started developing facebook applications. The real fun began. Deployed Holiday Gifts. Also got my citycell zoom working on linux.

October 2007
Spent some very busy time developing the facebook applications for Electronic Arts. Finished writing OOP with PHP.

November 2007
Got my new laptop Dell Inspiron 6400. Deployed NFS, our first application for EA which was a big hit.Started writing a book on Facebook.

December 2007
Setup the local office of Trippert Labs in Bangladesh. Orchid has been released in a preview state. Got my book (OOP with PHP5) published. Started developing new facebook Application. Fully migrated to Linux and Dropped my Windows Partition 😀

So Thats it – a lookback of “the storyteller” in 2007.


  1. This cannot be the complete lookback. It’s just a part. 🙂 We cannot look back to everything. Like the bad things, we don’t remember them at all. Our brain is not designed to remember the bad things.

    When you’ll write the last blog of your life, try to make a complete lookback then. 🙂

  2. Did you notice Hasin bhaia, it’s 4th January and another exciting month waiting for you to finish….time passes so quick, and I think you had simply amazing wave in your life last year….:) Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 and Good luck for 2008….I think it will be simply Fantastic year for you…with some great tour he he 🙂

    wishes for you, Afif and bhabi 🙂

    Esha 🙂

  3. what a wonderful brief reflection of the recently passed year 🙂 !.
    those who want to follow you and want to learn from you will surely get a lot of interesting materials here from the post.
    and of course it seems a perfect tech guy’s life cycle 🙂 doing lot of stuffs for the wonderful world.

    thanks for the great flash back hasin bhai :).

  4. nice briefing brother. this is my maiden message to you. I am a student of RUET. starting 3rd year in CSE. heard a lot about you. a beginner in PHP. hope some helps from you if you agreed. best wishes…..

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