No more windows for me, seriously!

Thats it, I closed my windows, heh heh. Last night after an accidental formatting of a system partition messed everything up and I decided duh, no more windows. So I gave gutsy gibon a go and I must say that it’s simply awesome. Previously I was using Mandriva 2007 (Based on Mandrake) spring edition for last one year, and I was happy. But I wanted to try ubuntu a bit and I am happy, seriously.

But I have to download the latest ATI driver and install it to make my ATI Radeon X1400 card to work properly. Sound card didn’t create any problem.

I am running completely on Ubuntu now. I started my installation on 31st Dec 2007 at 11 PM and Finished configuring everything in today afternoon.

Bye Bye Windows.


  1. Waoooooo
    thanks for saying bye bye to windows. I also want to say bye bye to windows. can u please help me about this?

    i want to know what type of tools you are using with ubuntu in your system for PHP development. Can u please give me a copy of them?

  2. @All – Thanks a lot for encouraging me.

    TBH, I am extremely happy with gutsy. I dont feel there is any need of windows for me (Except for testing sometime)

    @Masud : Gedit and AMP 😀

  3. “I started my installation at 31st Dec 2007 at 11 PM and Finished configuring everything today afternoon.”

    it took 1 year to install? 2007-2008? errrr…
    😛 😛 😛

    well, i will never shutdown my windows but use *nix in a diff machine… i love to play games..specially Age of Empire or Empire Earth…hehe

    anyway… good luck wid ur new OS…n happy new year (lately).


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