My new lappy – Dell Inspiron 6400

Dell Inspiron 6400

I got my new lappy today. Its a Dell Inspiron 6400 with T7200 Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB RAM and 128MB Dedicated AGP (Well, now I can play games). Its a bit heavy though, but performance is awesome.

Special thanks goes to Emran for his unbelievable help to getting this.


  1. আমার খুব খুব হিংসা হচ্ছে। আমি সুযোগ পেলেই ওটা চুরি করে নিয়ে আসবো। এমন একটা ল্যাপ্টপ আমার কবে হবে …।

    নতুন কিছু কিনলে সবাইকে খাওয়াতে হয় 😀

  2. well i think if you but it new , you should know that there is a new series line of Dell Inspiron, with the Santa Rosa Platform .
    but as reviews prove that it shows only 10% (Max) better performance.
    i had exsatly same one (in case the AGP is from ATI , the X1400) , it for sure has great performance .

  3. @hanan – yes u r right, its a old model. So what, it works great 🙂

    Even I am very happy with my old lappy – Toshiba Satellite L30 🙂

  4. Hey Hasin Bhai,
    I’ve used the same laptop. It is really a great toy. I sold mine though and bought HP Pavilion 2400 with Vista Home Premium on it. I just had to upgrade the memory and it is working great as well. It is very light weight and cool. I have recently got the Dell Latitude from my office which I think is pretty good as well. I am going to get a MacBook pro soon. (Soon === 2 years!) Have fun with your new toy.

  5. @hasan

    Why do I need to buy a Macbook Pro when I can have a machine with same configuration in nearly it’s half price? You know what, I am still happy with my oldy goldy Toshiba lappy 🙁 Its working great for me.

  6. এক সময় ডেলের খুব শখ ছিল…বাংলাদেশে দাম খুব বেশি তাই আসুস এফ ২ এফ ব্যবহার করি…:(
    আমারও মানচুর মতো হিংসা হচ্ছে

  7. অনেককে খুজেছি, যে আমেরিকা থেকে এটা ডেল ল্যাপটপ এনে দিবে। কাউকে পাইনি:(। আমার মনে হয়েছে আমেরিকাতেই সবচেয়ে সস্তা। আর ডেল এর দামও অনেক কম।

    যাহোক, নতুন ল্যাপটপের জন্য হাসিন ভাইকে শুভেচ্ছা।

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