I am joining Trippert Inc.

46 thoughts on “I am joining Trippert Inc.”

  1. Hasin vy,
    Congratulations to you. yes, u r really got an challenging & responsible position. hope you will enjoy this and it will not be as boring as your last one. you will get charms on it.
    my pray is always with you 😀


  2. The company’s idea seems be creative and original. With your background inshallah you will have a walk in the park with this assignment. Yet I would like to see you more as an Engineer rather than a manager 🙂 because you are one of a kind of engineer reaching some great heights. Would be missing your brilliance in Somewherein…
    Anyways best of luck in your new journey.

  3. Hi Hasin Vhai,
    It’s really a good job. I think everybody should have to do job that he /she likes more, if he/she has chance to do that. Best of luck. Insallah it will be suitable for u.

    Allah Hafiz

  4. Congratulations to you !! Hope it will be your big journey into social network. Best of luck. I am always be with you – 🙂

  5. Congratulations to hasin vi on ur new way..
    i hope ‘managing projects and implementing QA’ will add a new
    equation on ur mathmatic formulla.
    Best of luck.

  6. Congratulations and best of luck hasin bhaia… Inshallah you’ll be successful in your new trip 😀
    Will be missing you in office 🙁 Don’t forget to make quick frequent trips..

  7. Hi Hasin Bhaia,

    My Heartiest wishes and good luck for your bright mornings At Trippert. I’m quite sure your colleague will feel like they not working with you but they enjoying their colorful moments with you 🙂 Hope You will give new vision to the company like you did for somewhere in blog….We will really miss you very much Hasin bhaia….But I hope you will sure give us a visit whenever you miss us….So Don’t forget to visit us for lunch sometime 🙂

    Good Luck Brother and All the Very very very very Best……:) Inshallah you will have great future and beautiful days with your new Job. All The Best 🙂

    Samiha Esha 🙂

  8. man, it seems i am the last one who congratulating you 😉
    anyway, i belief i did congrats you previously :D… anyway,
    just the long journey began let’s keep your passion and let’s make the colorful binding over the whole world….

    best wishes, and congrats 😀
    — where is the treat ????????????

  9. Hi Hasin Bhai,

    Wish you best of luck… 🙂

    I think you’re so much busy now… Look at your sidebar..

    Why is it showing the comment?

  10. Best of Luck Mr. Hasin

    Hope u make it best as you were in your previous Job.

    By the way what about your next book?

  11. Congratulation Hasin Vai!!!!!!!!!
    wish you all the best at Tripper Inc.

    Meet the challenge……………..

    Md. Anisur Rahman(Javed )
    Former studnet of RUET

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