Nusphere PHPEd 5.0 Review

11 thoughts on “Nusphere PHPEd 5.0 Review”

  1. Good review..

    “Splittable Editing Window” is a very essential feature I miss on other editors. Now I’ve to open another instance in notepad if I want to work on two portion of the same file simultaneously.

    Debugger and Profiler of PHPEd are among the bests in market.

  2. If you don’t need a fully blown IDE, but want the editor features, KomodoEdit is quite good. I stopped using it though when the demo period ran out. In spite of the fact that it’s a free product and that, at the time I downloaded it, the web site said there was no license expiry, it still expired after about 21 days.

  3. Hi,

    my first impression was that the new version is faster than the 4.x. Especially with large projects.

    Unfortunately some features are still missing (even thought they are on the wishlist for a long time). One of my most wanted is a keword-based todo-list (like in eclipse) and a grown up bookmark-system.

    But overall it’s a good release.


  4. Hey, they just released build 5022 and 5023 is expected soon. It’s not only IDE is that speedy 🙂 but also the development team

  5. Nice Review.

    Does the debugger follow links into other pages? I had a quick play and as soon as I left the start page debugging stopped working. This might be a setup issue though

    Thanks again for the good review!

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