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  1. Hey!! Hasin how you manage these all ? I really surprise when i read your blog. Everyday i got new things to learn. You are really interesting guy!!

    I am prashant from India and got you while searching something in google. I am also a php programmer and my level is really very lower then you. I have 2 years of experience but still i think i don’t know much on php and all. Really a very limited knowledge, but i want to make my career in php. So i will take your suggestion every time, if you don’t have any problem.

    Hasin I know only Php,MySql,Ajax,JS and thats it!! But after read your article on Php i really want to learn more now…..

    Please tell me how i can improve. I like to start from script.aculo.us, because i am not JS expert so i am not getting too many things. Please tell me few sites from where i can get good examples of script.aculo.us. Because there are lots of thing in script.aculo.us so i want to start from A-Z so kindly guide me as a teacher.

    Hope you will reply.

  2. very keen to see the social networking site. many of the best social networking sites have been made by young smart programmers in frustration of the lack of a good service – so what is wanting for us now, thats the question…

  3. Hi Hasin,
    Did you ever finish that LinkedIn parser class?
    I’m in the midst of writing something similar, but decided to take a break and see if anyone accomplished this before.


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